Table of contents

  1. User guide
    1. Introduction
    2. Extra commands only for admin user
      1. Configuration
      2. Karma
      3. Auto-karma triggers
      4. Alias
      5. quote
    3. Donations

User guide


After reading that contains more 'how-to-run' information, it might be interesting for you to learn about how to use it.

In short, many options are documented by sending "/help" on a channel where is.

By default, new groups where the bot is added are just ready to start being used.

Also, while nothing is set against, you could use /gconfig to configure several aspects of it like:

  • modulo (to just report karma every modulo points)
  • stock (to define the stock tickers to query when invoking stock)

Once you started chatting with the bot, you can also use /hilight word so messages containing that word will be forwarded to you as a private message.

By default karma in channels is private to that group, but also, groups can be linked.

On the channel to become master execute: /admin link master and it will generate a code (token) to link against just once.

On the channel to be linked against master, a.k.a. slave, execute: /admin link slave <token> where token is the code received as reply to the command in master channel.

Also, as per general usage:

  • word++ to add karma
  • word-- to remove karma
  • reply to message with '++', '--' or '==' to add or remove karma to user of prior message or to the same words that were used
  • /quote add username text to add a quote for given username with the following text as message
  • /quote username to retrieve a random quote for that username.
  • /comic list to list all knwon comic strips
  • /comic <comic> to retrieve comic strip for today
  • /comic all to retrieve all of today's comic strips
  • @all to ping all usernames for users in a channel
  • @all++ to give karma to all usernames in a channel
  • stock <ticker> to get trading quote for ticker in stock market
  • /espp <amount> to get earning calculations based on stock defined and monthly rate (for 6 months)
  • /hilight <add|delete|list> <word> Adds/deletes word or lists words that will cause a forward to notify you
  • /feed add name url Adds a new feed form URL on channel
  • /feed delete feed Removes feed from channel
  • /feed list To get list of defined feeds
  • /feed feed To get that feed updates
  • /cn To get a random Chuck Norris fact

Extra commands only for admin user


The bot, once token has been used and admin has been set, will store that information in the database, so you can control it from a chat window

  • /[g|l]config show will list actual defined settings
  • /[g|l]config set var=value will set one of those settings with a new value
    • As of this writing (verbosity, url for api, token, sleep timeout, owner, database, run in daemon mode)
  • /[g|l]config delete var will delete that variable from configuration.


  • /skarma word=value will set specified word to the karma value provided.

Auto-karma triggers

Bot allows to trigger auto-karma events, so when keyword is given, it will trigger an event to increase karma value for other words

  • /autok key=value Will create a new auto-karma trigger, so each time key is used, it will trigger value++ event
  • /alias list [word] Will show current defined autokarma triggers and in case a word is provided will search based on that word
  • /alias delete key=value will delete a previously defined auto-karma so no more auto-karma events will be triggered for that pair


Bot allows to setup alias, so when karma is given to a word, it will instead add it to a different one (and report that one)

  • /alias key=value Will create a new alias, so each time key++ is used, it will instead do value++
    • This operation, sums the previous karma of key and value and stores it in value so no karma is lost
    • Recursive aliases can be defined, so doing:
      • /alias lettuce=vegetable
      • /alias vegetable=food
      • lettuce++ will give karma to food.
    • Alias can be defined to groups of words so, it can be defined to have:
      • /alias friday=tgif tfsmif
      • friday++ will increase karma on tgif and tfsmif.
  • /alias list Will show current defined aliases
  • /alias delete key will delete a previously defined alias so each word gets karma on its own


  • /quote del id to remove a specific quote id from database


The bot runs on my hardware which involves (HW, power, internet, etc), if you wish to collaborate, please, use for your donation.