• Initial load of karma points from older bot (possible separate script)
  • Implement banning of consecutive karma changes from same user for a period of time
  • Implement something similar to for graphing message activity
  • Implement cron to provide users messages based on schedule
  • Create a Business Bingo plugin that allows to define words that participate into the Bingo, keep track of the ones mentioned already and announce bingo Winner (last word completed) and clear the status to start a new round
  • Implement autoban so when a certain word is used:
    • Delete the offending message:
  • Implement ratelimiting to kick out users that exceed number of messages per period of time
  • Implement ical plugin for reminders based on calendar events
  • Implement stats per group, so most active users or messages per user in a chat_id is recorded


The bot runs on my hardware which involves (HW, power, internet, etc), if you wish to collaborate, please, use for your donation.