Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Highlights
  3. Installation
  4. Usage help

Owner guide

Some of the following commands are available for admins of a group or set of groups. Check for commands available to all users.


The bot, once token has been used and owner set via commandline, will store that information in the database, so you can control it from a chat window

  • /config show will list actual defined settings
  • /config set var=value will set one of those settings with a new value
    • As of this writing (verbosity, url for api, token, sleep timeout, owner, database, run in daemon mode)
  • /config delete var will delete that variable from configuration.


The bot stores stats on users/chats, remembering the chat/user name and last time seen so it can be later used for purging data not being accessed in a while

  • /stats show (user|chat) will list the list of users/chats and time of last update


  • /forward source_id=target_id Forwards messages from source to target
  • /forward delete source_id=target_id Stops forwarding messages from source to target
  • /forward list To get list of defined forwards


  • /sudo gid=<gid> sets gid to act as, allows later to run:
  • /sudo <command> where might be like for example /hilight list


  • /quit will exit daemon mode


The bot runs on my hardware which involves (HW, power, internet, etc), if you wish to collaborate, please, use for your donation.