Table of contents

Administrator configuration

  • owner: owner of bot
  • daemon: Run as daemon or one shoot
  • cleanup: cleanup tasks periodicity
  • sleep: delay between two telegram server checks for messages
  • token: auth token against telegram server
  • stock: list of stock to check when invoking 'stock'
  • verbosity: log level verbosity
  • url: URL for telegram server bot api entry point

User/chat configuration

  • common
    • language: en|es
    • currency: EUR
    • modulo: 1 (to just show karma every X/modulo points, 0 to disable)
    • stock: stock tickers to check
    • espp: offering price at start of period for ESPP
    • cleanlink: True if we want links to be expanded and removed
    • cleankey: Regexp to replace, for example tag=
  • chat
    • isolated: False, if true, allow link, all karma, etc is tied to GID
    • link: empty, if defined, channel is slave to a mater
    • admin: List of admins of channels, default empty: everyone
    • maxage: chats older than this will be removed
    • silent: makes stampy not to output messages to that chat
    • welcome: outputs the text when a new user joins the chat, replacing "$username" by user name


The bot runs on my hardware which involves (HW, power, internet, etc), if you wish to collaborate, please, use for your donation.